SSR accounts for 5% of your quarter grade. Your BOOK TALK grade accounts for 10% of your quarter grade.

You must read one book from the approved AP book list, OR from the classics section in our library per quarter.

I expect you to choose challenging readings and I expect you to read books you have NOT read prior to this class.

In order to receive credit for your book, you must complete a book talk.

ALL BOOK TALKS (private, creative, group, or other) must include a completed One-Pager. There is a One-Pager attached to this document, but you should pick up additional One-Pagers from Mrs. M. BEFORE your book talk is due. Your One-Pager SHOULD BE FILLED OUT PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE. It is part of the book talk and if it is not complete, the book talk is not complete.

You should read and report on a total of 500 pages per quarter. You may work ahead and carry over your total from one quarter to the next.

Throughout the course of the year, your SSR selections must include the following:

★ two classic novels ★ a non-fiction ★ a science fiction, fantasy, mystery, or horror novel ★ a graphic novel* ★ a poetry collection written by a single writer (4th quarter) ★ a biography or autobiography (4th quarter) ★
The rest of your SSR selections must just be from the approved list or receive special approval from Mrs. M.

*Only ONE graphic novel per year will count towards your SSR requirements.

Throughout the course of the year you must complete all of the following types of book talks:

★ one private ★ one public infomercial ★ one creative ★ one video confessional ★ one cornerstone presentation (4th quarter only) ★
Mrs. M will provide digital documents outlining the requirements for each type of book talk in the near future. ALL PRIVATE and PUBLIC BOOK TALKS MUST BE SCHEDULED on MRS. M’s SSR CALENDAR.


★ Q1 DEADLINE ★ Your Q1 book talks must be completed no later than FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012.

★ Q2 DEADLINE ★ Your Q2 book talks must be completed no later than FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2012.

★ Q3 DEADLINE ★ Your Q3 book talks must be completed no later than FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2013.

★ Q4 DEADLINE ★ Your Q4 CORNERSTONE schedule will be outlined in a separate document, but all requirements must be completed no later than FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013 with the exception of the PRESENTATION which will take place on the days preceding FINALS DAYS AND FINALS DAYS.

Because SSR and book talks are quarter-long endeavors, the grading policy is unique. If you miss your scheduled book talk appointment, you will--unfortunately--receive a grade penalty as well as other consequences. (See below.)

A note about missed book talk appointments:
If you sign up for a book talk, please honor the appointment!
 MISSED ONE APPOINTMENT/UNPREPARED FOR APPOINTMENT (no book, no One-pager, book not read, etc.): 10 points off + 30 minute detention

  MISSED TWO APPOINTMENTS/UNPREPARED FOR RESCHEDULED APPOINTMENT: 20 points off + Parent Contact and possible office referral

   MISSED THREE or MORE APPOINTMENTS/UNPREPARED FOR THREE OR MORE APPOINTMENTS: This will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but my main goal will at this point will be to determine the root cause of your lack of regard for the scheduled appointment (as well as my time, your time, and your classmates’ time) and/or your lack of preparation and we will decide on a consequence at that time.