Present YOURSELF in a creative multi-media manner, using the following 5 categories. Each category should take you roughly 1 minute to present, making for an approximate-5-minute presentation.

Glorious Me: What makes you YOU? Tell us about it--briefly.

Your Peops: Who are your people (and animals)? Tell us about them.

the Passionate Elevator Ride: If you only had the length of a brief elevator ride -- around 30 seconds -- to tell someone about something about which you are passionate, what would the topic be and what would you say about it?

Student Life: What are your goals? Tell us about your plan to achieve them!

A Few of Your Favorite Things: What are your favorite things in your life? Tell us why!

Suggested Mediums: Puppet Pals, Sock Puppets, Garageband, Show Me, Keynote, Prezi (if you have access to a computer, iPads can SHOW Prezis, but not create them), iMovie, ComicLife ... What other content creators can you think of?